Driver Services

Part 1 (Online)

Part 1 is completed online and in it you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Basic contact and identification information
  • Three years of residences, employment, accident, and conviction and forfeiture history
  • CDL information
  • Driving experience

Start the Online portion.

If you are having difficulty, an offline version of the application is available for download here.

Part 2 (Offline)

Part 2 is completed offline and it requires you to transmit (by fax, email or physical delivery) the following:

  • A signed copy of the record release form, a blank copy is available here: Information Release Form
  • A legible copy of your CDL (front and back).
  • A legible copy of your Medical card (along with the long form, if possible).
  • PSP Form

Part 3 (Post hire)

Part 3 is completed after you are hired if you will be driving tankers, double or triple trailers.

Certificate of Driver's Road Test

Driver Annual Certification of Violations

Driver Annual Certification of Violations form (opens in new window) for reporting non-parking traffic violations.